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John Day's Mini Ferris Wheel - September 2021  

I liked this model on first seeing it in a video of those shown at the 2021 Henley Meccano Gathering.
My model will make a fine addition to my display when we are able to exhibit again.  

5 items in this album, click on one to enlarge it.
Mini Ferris Wheel complete
graham jost
Oblique overall view
graham jost
A little closer in
graham jost
The drive within the base
graham jost
Mini Ferris Wheel movie
graham jost
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John      (at 4:10am, Sun 17th Oct, 21)

My maths is terrible (as you know) but I'm having a go at this and I count 44 holes if you allow for the 4 x long slotted holes as 2. So 44 ÷ 4 = 11. That's 11 cars spaced 4 holes apart. I tried 2 and they clear each other so 9 more to build. My cars are different to yours as disccused by phone.

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