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Meccano Gallery

Meccano Gallery  

All sorts of Meccano pictures, videos, and manuals. Register now to create your own albums and share more pictures!    

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Johnny Meccano      (at 6:45am, Tue 17th Mar, 15)

Good to see we have got you all sorted and you're posting again Bob. 😀

Bob Duck      (at 3:56am, Sat 14th Mar, 15)

To;- Johnny Meccano, Thanks for your message and comments. I look forward to being able to log in again! If you look at the date of a previous message, I haven't been able to log in since the 19th Jan 2015, when Richard left me a message and told me to be patient!

Johnny Meccano      (at 1:56am, Sat 14th Mar, 15)

Hi Bob Duck. Sorry to hear about your password problems. I have started proceedings to sort things out, but it won't happen instantly. If you post questions or comments in the Forum, you will usually get a response straight away but comments in the gallery often go unnoticed so I suggest you get a username and password setup for the Forum, (or rustbucket as we lovingly call it ). It's best to setup the same username and password for both rustbucket AND the Gallery so you don't get mixed up. It's up to you, but I don't think there is a need to be changing passwords and risking forgetting them as this isn't the Bank of England or anything, LOL. 😁 Just pick one that you're sure to remember and write it on your computer. After you have registered for the Forum, the quickest way to get a response is to click on Forum Team and send a Private Message (PM), but you need to be registered and logged on to do this.
Hope we can get you all sorted soon and your gallery is looking great Bob.

bfoster      (at 8:43am, Fri 13th Mar, 15)

do you have an image of the back of the lift out tray for the Outfit H 1934 or 1936 tray. I want to restring mine and do not know if there is a particular routine for the stringing to be.
Thank you

Bob Duck      (at 6:16am, Thu 12th Mar, 15)

I still can't get back into the nzmeccano site. I have tried my three previous passwords and never seem to get your emails with the promise of a new Password. What is happening?? I am getting quite a few new model photos & videos, but can't upload them. HELP!"

Johnny Meccano      (at 4:25am, Tue 27th Jan, 15)

Hi Mick. The 1927 110v French motor is shown in the Gallery here.
If you have questions about this motor, or anything Meccano related, you are better to post in the forum where lots of fellow Meccanoboys will happily share their knowledge with you. Just click on the Forum tab above in the centre. If you have trouble registering, then send a message to one of the Forum Team by clicking on Forum Team down at the bottom right.
John. 😀

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