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Bob T      (at 9:54am, Mon 26th Dec, 16)

Register your user name, by clicking on the box above that says
If you don't have a user name, please click here.
Once you have a password Log in to the gallery.

CANAVY Jean Louis      (at 9:45am, Mon 26th Dec, 16)

I would know how to do to create an album and uploade photos.

Bob T      (at 4:06am, Tue 8th Nov, 16)

What an informative reply from Johnny Meccano, I miss your help and experience on NZMeccano Forum please come back and see us again some time.

Johnny Meccano      (at 10:08pm, Mon 7th Nov, 16)

Hi Bob. To get the embed code, make sure you're viewing youtube in desktop mode which should be the default for a PC, but if you're using a tablet or a phone it doesn't appear unless you drill down and change the setting from mobile to desktop.
Then follow Bob's instructions in post #27 here..

Bob T      (at 11:11am, Mon 7th Nov, 16)

Bob D, Embed still there when I've just looked

Bob Duck      (at 7:22am, Mon 7th Nov, 16)

Johnny Meccano, can you help? The word Embed has disappeared from the You Tube Video site. How do we now copy a video to nzmeccano?

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