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Wrapped pieces  

These Flanged Plates are the only examples I have seen of this type of parts wrapping. I am now aware that this was a common wrapping for a time, these are most certainly summer of 1914. What years did this wrapping exist?  

Wrapped pieces
Image by Kevin Clark, viewed 376 times.
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Kevin Clark      (at 4:22pm, Mon 17th Feb, 20)

NP, Thanks for that, can you elaborate on the years that your examples span? The windmill sails mentioned by Mman seem to be from 1919 or so, are any of your examples from this late or later?

NP      (at 12:16pm, Mon 17th Feb, 20)

I also have examples of this wrapping in UK sets for both local and US markets.

Mman      (at 7:46pm, Fri 14th Feb, 20)

Similar wrapping is shown in the parts section of this site relating to part 61 windmill sails.

Kevin Clark      (at 12:34pm, Fri 14th Feb, 20)

You know, that’s a very good possibility isn’t it, perhaps that explains the perfect condition of the items within. I do know as many others do, that often this early plating doesn’t fare well. I for one am happy with the choice they made all those years ago.

Michael Walker      (at 3:21pm, Wed 12th Feb, 20)

Just a thought; might it possibly be cooking parchment or greaseproof paper or the like, which has gone 'transparent' through age? This would account for its paper-like feel and brittle consistency.

I think you are wise not to attempt to unwrap the parts, as this is a piece of Meccano history that deserves to be preserved.

Kevin Clark      (at 3:12pm, Wed 12th Feb, 20)

Yes, I had also found it to be an interesting wrapping as I've not seen it on any other examples. I believe it to have left the factory that way, perhaps a short term measure for whatever reason. I had wondered if it might have been wrapped due to the transference of parts from the one factory to the other and then just thrown into the appropriate set. (Very subjective reasoning on my part) It is 'paper-like' to the feel but quite brittle, I imagine from age and not originally so. I've not attempted to unwrap the pieces and won't but I can see shiny 'like-new' flanged plates underneath.

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