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Mike Rhoades September 2016 Price List  

September 2016

No Price Increases

Prices are the same as the September 2013 catalogue

Prices are the same for the catalogue given to me in January 2018  

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Alex Howe      (at 11:02am, Sat 22nd Jun, 19)

Large quantity of Meccano collected by my late father in the 1950's & early 1960's.
A few pre-war parts.

Believed equivalent to a No.10 set but may not be complete.

In homemade wooden 4-drawer cabinet.

In storage in my late parents' house since the 1960's. Now clearing contents of house. Near Horsham, West Sussex.

Offers over £250. alexhowe@eircom.net
tel 0035387 2808272

Albert Iezzi      (at 8:02pm, Sun 23rd Dec, 18)

Do you have any No.10 Meccano sets for sale?
Many thanks, Al

bob t      (at 5:34pm, Fri 23rd Feb, 18)

Robert, Mike does not have any access to the internet.
The prices are the same for the September 2016 as the 2013 above. I was given a September 2016 Price List in January 2018, and was told there no further increase in this either.

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