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1962-1969 Meccano 6 Model 01 Aircraft carrier b.jpg  

Instead of finishing the command bridge separately and later mounting it to the completed deck, I built it "on stage", allowing my clumsy fingers to get an easier placing of the nuts.  

1962-1969 Meccano 6 Model 01 Aircraft carrier b.jpg
Image by Carlos Giani, viewed 283 times.
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Carlos Giani      (at 6:22pm, Sun 24th Oct, 21)

Hi, Michael!

Thanks for your encouragement, that builds me up! It´s just that sometimes it needs many attempts to place washers and nuts, and that drives me crazy. I must learn to regain my once usual patience.

Have a nice evening!

Michael Walker      (at 5:07pm, Sun 24th Oct, 21)

I feel you are being too modest - anyone who can build a model as neatly as this, must have a great deal of skill, as well as dexterity in their fingers.

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