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SKEGEX 2014  

Issigonis Shield results:

1st Prize - Terry Allen - Bugatti Type 57SC
2nd Prize - Michael Molden - Scania 6x4 Tractor Unit
3rd Prize - Richard Smith - Canberra Bomber
4th Prize - Norman Brown - AEC Tanker Lorry
5th Prize - Neil Bedford - Routemaster Bus  

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SKEGEX 2014 - Photos by Malcolm Hanson
206 photos
Rob Thompson
SKEGEX 2014 - Photos by Georg Eiermann
276 photos
Georg Eiermann
SKEGEX 2014 - Photos by Mick Burgess
24 photos
Rob Thompson
SKEGEX 2014 - Video by Chris Instone
1 photo
Rob Thompson
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Richard      (at 12:31pm, Fri 16th Jan, 15)

Corrected :-)

Chris Warrell      (at 7:33am, Fri 16th Jan, 15)

Just looking at Malcolm Hanson's SkegEx 2014 photos, on page 6 the top right photo incorrectly credits the Tour de France peloton model to me, but it was actually built by Chris Fry. We were sitting next to each other, so an easy mistake to make.

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