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Aeroplane Hangar Outfit No. 01P - Roger Marriott  


Aeroplane Hangar Outfit No. 01P - Roger Marriott
Image by Rob Thompson, viewed 693 times.
Size: 277.64kb (2000x1500 pixels)

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Kevin      (at 7:58pm, Thu 17th Sep, 20)

Thank you. Fantastic information. Almost ready to get cracking and make one. The 10mm solid timber looks like some kind of composite board. Do we know what creates the spongy looking surface?

bob t      (at 2:58pm, Wed 16th Sep, 20)

Hi Kevin
I have added some photos which may help in the Gallery search Aeroplane hangar
the timber sizes etc : the roof is made of 3mm plywood and overhangs the hanger sides etc all-round by 6mm

the bottom is made of 4mm plywood only overhang is front by 6mm

the sides + back + front are made of 10 mm solid timber

the doors are made of 6mm plywood and are rebaited on the top and hinge side only
to over lap the side and top section of the front by 2mm

bob t      (at 7:31pm, Mon 14th Sep, 20)

Hi Kevin, I have asked Tom McCallum for measurements, should be back to me within a week.
Regards Bob T

Kevin      (at 6:51pm, Mon 14th Sep, 20)

Hi. I would like to make a hangar and I am trying to find out all the measurements including the wood thickness and is it all made of wood?
Can you help?

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