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Meccano Set 00+ Instruction Manual  

Here is the complete manual containing the 00+ Set list of contents and detailed instructions for building 33 models. It was the basis for the 2008 Christmas Challenge, see the gallery for over 100 models.  

Image by Peter Harwood, viewed 1991 times.
Size: 2.40Mb

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Peter Harwood      (at 4:10am, Wed 4th Sep, 13)

Thank you for your comments, Subrata. I first made the set up for my grandson and included a few useful parts that weren't around in 1928. There is some background information in the introduction. I would welcome any feedback on the contents of the manual.

Subrata Ghoshal      (at 11:41pm, Tue 3rd Sep, 13)

Peter, I am really thrilled to see these models made from Centenary 00+ set. After going through the parts list I observed that there the numbers were more than the Meccano 00 set I have. Meccano 00 set is still my most favorite set. I appreciate your efforts and congratulate you for placing it in NZ. Well done, Peter!!

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