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Meccano French Knitting Machines  

This album contains images of several French Knitting Machines (FKMs) I have built, the first in 2012, the most recent in 2014. After the first intermittent-motion FKM, all subsequent FKMs have run continuously.

Developments along the way have included ring feed yarn distribution, cop yarn storage, pinch roller exiting, multiple yarn knitting, replacement of rug hooks with knitting machine hooks allowing substantial miniaturisation and, most recently, horizontal knitting.

Thanks to international co-operation all this has been achieved in just on two years!

9 items in this album, click on one to enlarge it.
1 Intermittent-motion French Knitting Machine
12 photos
graham jost
2 One-yarn French Knitting Machines
33 photos
graham jost
3 Two-yarn French Knitting Machines
17 photos
graham jost
4 Three-yarn French Knitting Machine
11 photos
graham jost
5 Mini One-Yarn French Knitting Machines
28 photos
graham jost
6 Horizontal French Knitting Machine
14 photos
graham jost

7 Extended movies of all five of my extant French Knitting Machines as at January 2015
5 photos
graham jost
My French Knitting Machines - movie
graham jost
French Knitting Machines - audio
graham jost
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Richard      (at 4:02pm, Wed 21st Jun, 17)

You can find General Model Descriptions for French Knitting Machines in Constructor Quarterly, issues 98, 102, 103 and 104. You might need some good Meccano knowledge to be able to build them though as they aren't full, step by step instructions. You can buy Constructor Quarterly here http://constructorquarterly.com/pmwiki.php?n=Site.Order

Rachel      (at 3:19pm, Wed 21st Jun, 17)

Hello, I am new to meccano, but am finding that for my small business I would like to make a french knitting machine to help expedite manufacturing. Is there a specific Meccano kit or instructions to make a simple 2 needle french knitting machine?

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