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4-Bit Binary Counter - Stephen Jeavons  

The primary objective is to demonstrate the possibility of utilizing original Elektrikit parts to make working multi-pole relays. Several different designs exist on the model.

Apart from the wire used and a MW Models microswitch, only genuine Binns Road parts have been used to construct a working Binary counter as the first phase. The counter can be stepped through from 0 to 15 in Binary lighting a lamp for each of the 4 bits. (i.e. A 4-Bit Counter)

In Phase 2, the 4 bit output from the Counter is fed into a decoder which converts the Binary into Decimal lighting the appropriate lamp from 0-15.  

Image by Rob Thompson, viewed 1889 times.

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Charles      (at 9:52pm, Tue 10th Apr, 12)

Very lovely indeed

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