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Pinyon Giant Block-setting Crane  


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Charles Steadman
Charles Steadman
Charles Steadman
Charles Steadman
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Charles      (at 7:19am, Sun 9th Apr, 17)

Indeed it is. Sorry I missed your comment entirely. The point of the "Pinyon" blocksetter is to attempt to build precisely what was drawn on the early 1950s manuals, and not attempt to "improve" it. The blocksetter is clearly shown driving with pinions and contrates, rather than the bevel gears used in most examples. You'll find similar issues, most significantly that this model uses over 100 1.5" flat girders and 1.5" angle girders! Some of the choices made on the painting are odd, but they do work.

Nick      (at 3:21am, Mon 1st Dec, 14)

Thanks Len. It had been niggling at me for weeks!

Len      (at 11:04pm, Sun 30th Nov, 14)

It is called the Pinyon after the artist who illustrated the front covers of the books of models on which it appeared, have a look at a cover and you should see the signature bottom right.

Nick Anscombe      (at 6:21pm, Sun 30th Nov, 14)

A superb model. Why is it referred to as the Pinyon? Apart from the tree I have not come across the word in any meccano literature apart from this site. Also why have you not used spur gears on the wheels like wot they used? ( Ref.page 21 in the SM book)
Cheers Nick

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