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Stefan Tokarski  

Models that I have built and photographed from 2003 to present date. On page 7 you will see groups of similar themes of models. After dismantling the models I add detailed photographs of the mechanisms and assemblies used. For more information please email me on :- stokarski@hotmail.com  

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Van Mk 2
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Stefan Tokarski
laundry van
Empty album
Stefan Tokarski
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Rick Demil      (at 9:29am, Sun 21st Jul, 19)

I love your works. I'm fan. I'm using metal part like you. I think painted parts look to much like toy. Thank you for sharing detailed albums.

Agnieszka      (at 7:28pm, Sat 26th Aug, 17)


Jackie Sanders      (at 5:00pm, Tue 22nd Mar, 16)

Hi. Stefan,
Both myself and Rick my husband are duly impressed!

Marta      (at 5:01pm, Sat 29th Aug, 15)

Proud to have such uncle, passionate and creative:) nice airport collection. Do you consider any aircraft models?

David      (at 12:10pm, Sun 7th Sep, 14)

Great models! Wonderful

Liz Ogin      (at 7:51am, Wed 3rd Apr, 13)

What talent you have, these models are great.
All The Best,
Liz, Agnieszka's school friend from Poland.

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