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06 - Stiff-Leg Derrick  


Image by Charles Steadman, viewed 6709 times.
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Bob T      (at 4:46pm, Thu 22nd May, 14)

(second message)
The SML 6a never actually existed as a leaflet, but Bert Love released a copy of it in the Meccano Magazine for October 1973 Pages 68-71. The first of the pages can be found here
There is also an interesting article written by Ralph Laughton on SML 6a, which can be found here
Barry has also kindly put a pdf version of the MM leaflet here

Barry Gerdes      (at 4:44pm, Thu 22nd May, 14)

There is no official super model leaflet for a model 6a. Bert Love has a construction article in the 1973 October Magazine. For a downloadable pdf look in my user gallery under oddment manuals or try

http://barry.sarcasmogerdes.com/meccano/manuals-04-37/super-models/Super model-06a.pdf


Hugh Castellan      (at 2:41pm, Thu 22nd May, 14)

There is a leaflet No6a which is the 1929 Steam Engine driven version of the The Meccano Stiff-Leg Derrick which I am looking for.

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