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MECCANO-MÄRKLIN 1918 Oufit N°5  

Separate parts. Courtesy of Jean Ransbotyn  

Image by Michel LHOMME, viewed 735 times.
Size: 394.46kb (1736x1168 pixels)

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NP      (at 3:07pm, Fri 22nd Oct, 21)

there is so much to comment on in this picture! The tunnel key gears with the added thread hole for one thing. Also, the very rare 5-tab version of the ships funnel. I wonder if Marklin took all the old stock from Binns Rd when these parts were updated...?!

NP      (at 12:58pm, Thu 21st Oct, 21)

Until reading Michael's comment I've not seen mention of a longer version from 1948 before. I'd be interested to know further details / reference to MM or other literature. I have however seen several longer ones in early nickel period (19teens) Meccano sets. I have a few examples somewhere!

Michael Walker      (at 11:35am, Tue 19th Oct, 21)

Thank you for your informative clarification, Norbert. After reading this, I find it all the more intriguing as to why Meccano's 1948 revised Centre Fork, should be so similar to Märklin's short-lived 1918 version.

Norbert Klimmek      (at 11:02am, Tue 19th Oct, 21)

the Centre Fork with long shaft No. 65 was listed in the price lists from October 1st 1918 until August 1st 1919. In the list valid from November 1st 1919 it is disappeared. Threfore this part ist very rare.
In 1924 the No. 65 was given to the new Worm Housing.
In 1948 Märklin introduced a completely revised Metal Construction Set system not containing a Centre Fork.
It seems to be very unlikely that Märklin delivered at that time parts to Meccano. A sign for that estimation is the fact that parts not contained in the outfits (Special Parts) were not available until 1951/52.

Michael Walker      (at 8:50am, Tue 19th Oct, 21)

The long-shanked Centre Fork (bottom left corner) bears a strong resemblance to the Meccano's revised version introduced in 1948. I wonder if Meccano Ltd. bought a quantity of these seldom-used items from Märklin, just after WW2?

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