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Final Parts List for Christmas Challenge 2020-1.jpg  


Final Parts List for Christmas Challenge 2020-1.jpg
Image by Rob Thompson, viewed 564 times.
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bob t      (at 11:11am, Sat 14th Nov, 20)

Maldon Meccano, No you don't have to use all

Maldon Meccano      (at 10:35am, Sat 14th Nov, 20)

Do you have to use al of the listed parts?

bob t      (at 3:32pm, Fri 13th Nov, 20)

Thank you Richard
Also clarified by Peter Harwood
The mounting of the motor and the drive arrangements up to and including the final pulley/gear, etc., that goes on the axle of the model are all extra to the listed parts.

Richard Payn      (at 2:39pm, Fri 13th Nov, 20)

You can use any motor you like and the means of attaching it to the model
are not included in the parts count (I think). I’m sure protective washers would be fine too.

Mick Burgess      (at 9:36pm, Thu 12th Nov, 20)

Are clockwork motors included?
Can paint saving washers be used?
Thanks Mick

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