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Meccano Locomotive 4 4 4 Using Two Magic Motors For O Gauge  

I came across an article Simple Locomotive (2 of Magic Motors) in the Meccano Magazine October 1937 issue. I have made a locomotive based on this, but using two motors was not so simple, as I wanted to adapt this to run on O gauge track, the original model in the article does not. In the model referred to in the article, the two motors run two pulleys on one rod through two rubber bands and these power one set of the wheels with a sprocket chain. I could not figure out a way to wind the motors, as the way it is shown in the article, one motor blocks the key access to the other. There are two pairs of driving wheels, so I put one motor under the chassis and one above, each driving a separate pair of wheels. With the 4 4 4 format, with rear driving wheels added, the locomotive takes one and a half rounds of my O Gauge track, but without these it takes a little more than two rounds with one winding on each of the magic clockwork motors.  

Image by spdutt, viewed 247 times.

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