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Meccano Gandy Hand Car With Trolley For O Gauge  

This is a Meccano model of the Gandy Hand Cars, that were used for testing the track by U.S. railroads. My model is powered by a magic clockwork motor. It pulls a trolley on which another person is sitting, perhaps the boss of the gangmen operating the trolley. The model takes one and a half rounds of my O gauge track, with the trolley, with one winding of the clockwork motor and two and a half rounds, without the trolley. I have used 20b flanged wheels for both the hand car and the trolley.  

Image by spdutt, viewed 11486 times.

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Indian Defence Updates      (at 6:57pm, Fri 29th May, 20)

Cool ! faster than Pakistan railways

Rajani ks      (at 7:49am, Fri 29th May, 20)

Lovely work

Mervin      (at 4:31am, Fri 29th May, 20)


POOJA DHINGRA      (at 8:41pm, Thu 28th May, 20)

So cool! :)

Manasvi      (at 7:25pm, Wed 27th May, 20)

Amazing work sir.

Masood Aalam      (at 9:11am, Wed 27th May, 20)

Very inspiring. Rekindled for Meccano.

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