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Meccano Dealer's Cabinet parts  

The parts display removed from the cabinet. I have had this cabinet since 2007; there were no parts, and only a few of the labels. Some of the wood was rotted, so some woodwork was required, too. The velvet showed where most of the parts and labels used to be. New labels were made (see an image in my gallery), and parts found. The labels curled up, so new ones were just installed for these pictures. The parts have been replaced; the last part was the chain, not a readily available part. Based on the parts, and labels for "Girder Strips", this is from 1915.

For more on this restoration, see my folder at Dealer's Cabinet.  

Meccano Dealer
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NP      (at 5:42pm, Wed 4th Mar, 20)

Also, I note you have the Spring Motor Pinion (pt 97) and the washer the other way round from my example.

kbisset      (at 11:39am, Wed 4th Mar, 20)

NP: No I am not aware of other examples of this cabinet. I also have one example of a later Meccano cabinet, presumably also US.

NP      (at 9:27am, Wed 4th Mar, 20)

Aside from our two, are you aware of any other examples of this cabinet?

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