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01-front view of panels 2 and 3.  

This was the easiest to deduce from the 1929 dealer booklet pictures. Once the parts list was diluted down, the end panels could be populated.  

01-front view of panels 2 and 3.
Image by Greg Rahn, viewed 624 times.
Size: 2.02Mb (1800x1350 pixels)

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Greg      (at 8:18pm, Mon 11th Nov, 19)

Thanks Michael! It was a labor of love and I wanted to make the best showing I could for a one of a kind meccano item....Took a lot of work for the panels as they comprise 2 panels....one for the hole positioning and the final , with the cloth, for display.

Michael Walker      (at 8:11pm, Mon 11th Nov, 19)

You are really turning back the clock with this one, Greg. I'm sure the cabinet hasn't looked this good for the last 90 years.

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