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19b Pulley 3  

19b Green with 8mm single tapped boss, USA ?  

19b Pulley 3
Image by Staffan Kjellin, viewed 2959 times.
Size: 419.50kb (1200x1170 pixels)

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Staffan Kjellin      (at 4:38pm, Tue 15th Jan, 19)

Thank you very much for your info. Where can I find set screws for my 2 green Wheels ?

kbisset      (at 10:38pm, Mon 14th Jan, 19)

That does look like the boss used for A. C. Gilbert's production of Meccano. More information is under "Parts" at usmeccano dot com; click on the picture of 19b s. [It looks like I cannot post a link to the page.] The screw used is #6-32 with an outside diameter of 0.138" (3.505 mm) and 32 threads per inch (0.794 mm pitch). The hole should be around 0.1065" (2.70 mm) in diameter.


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