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Meccano Theremin  


Meccano Theremin
Image by Johnny Meccano, viewed 239 times.
Size: 343.19kb (2000x1500 pixels)

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John      (at 9:34pm, Sun 11th Nov, 18)

Thanks Bob. The gallery wouldn't let me post a link. Yes, it's a Theremin kit produced by Silicon Chip Magazine and sold in kit form by Jaycar Electronics in Australia. It works by using capaitance effect so it's not a simple matter to build into a steel Meccano environment. In fact it's taken me 2 years of experimentation to get the bloomin' thing to work! 😀

DIYSwede      (at 6:07pm, Sun 11th Nov, 18)

-Thanks, you guys! Johan

GarryK      (at 1:28pm, Sun 11th Nov, 18)

According to the author, it is a Jaycar Theremin Synthesiser Kit MkII

bob t      (at 11:37am, Sun 11th Nov, 18)

go to
Silicon Chip Theremin Modifications

DIYSwede      (at 9:59am, Sat 10th Nov, 18)

Great achievement and a fun project! Any info on the electronics behind would be appreciated, at least by me!
TIA & Keep up the good work!

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