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Outfit 9a  

Outfit 9 A in the new Mexano Box.Parts not strung, 80 % unused.  

Outfit 9a
Image by Meccano, viewed 228 times.
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Richard Payn      (at 4:21pm, Tue 12th Jun, 18)

Hello Ernst
I took some photos of a mint 1962 9A some years ago. You can see them on the Light Red Green Meccano website. The three boilers go in the same section as the large tyres.

Ernst Leuthold      (at 3:16pm, Tue 12th Jun, 18)

Thank you Richard

I forget that, the two other Boilers was in the also unused Outfit 9.
But its impossible to finde place in Outfit 9a !

Richard      (at 1:10pm, Mon 11th Jun, 18)

This outfit should have three complete boilers.

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