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3D Printed Parts by Peter Ashby  

A display of various reproductions of Meccano parts created using a 3d printer. Plus some re-interpretations of parts to make them more versatile, and some extensions of the ideas behind some parts (especially the large tooth gear system). The 3D printed Meccano parts were generated using the Meccano engineering drawings, redrawn in 3D CAD and printed in ABS on a Da-Vinci Aio 1.0S printer.  

3D Printed Parts by Peter Ashby
Image by Richard Payn, viewed 2151 times.
Size: 300.62kb (2000x1500 pixels)

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Mario Sabourin      (at 5:18am, Sat 17th Oct, 20)

Hi Richard, i amsorry i made a mistake on my last message. Did not realised you where the man who post the picture.

Mario Sabourin      (at 5:16am, Sat 17th Oct, 20)

Hi peter, do you have the 3d plan for the part D105 (beavel gear 12mmm 12 teeths. I have bought the Chevrolet silverado ( used ) and it missed one of that part.

Richard      (at 6:47am, Tue 16th Apr, 19)

If you join the Rust Bucket forum then you can communicate with Peter who created all of these parts. His forum name is Grendel.

Riko      (at 4:24am, Tue 16th Apr, 19)

Hi Richard
Do you have the drawing for those meccano parts ?
I want to print it.


Joe Rimmer      (at 11:05pm, Sat 21st Jul, 18)

Hi Peter,

I came across your work when searching meccano ideas for a school in Sydney, I like the idea of printing and adding to original part

do you have any recommendations in your work in 3d parts

Joe Rimmer

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