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Meccano Magic Display

(Author: Mike Howse)

Exhibition in Nelson, New Zealand

Stoke Memorial Hall
548 Main Road
Stoke, Nelson

Friday 6th – Sat 7th – Sun 8th April 2012

Registration – Free To Display

Download Your Registration Form Here

Thursday – Setup Afternoon
The venue is available for model and display setups from Thursday afternoon, if you can't get here until Friday that’s OK. To setup on Friday there is a rear door entry, we will have helpers to assist you with your items.
The display hall will be open from 08:00am for exhibitors and to the public from 10:00am Friday morning.
If you have registered (it's free to display) and have told us what tables, space and or power requirements you need, they will be available for you from Thursday afternoon.

You will need to supply your own certified transformer and power cables if required.

Retailer Stall
If you wish to sell retail products there will be a modest fee, ($25.00) charged to cover costs.
(Exhibitors will not be charged this fee)

Friday – Open To Public – 10am – 4pm

Saturday – Open To Public – 10am – 4pm

Sunday – Open To Public – 10am – 4pm

Tea and Coffee
There is a separate kitchen to the side of the display hall for relaxation, tea, coffee and biscuits.

Friday Evening
Soup & Rolls followed by a talk and slides by Graham Jost on Skegness 2011
St Peters Church Hall
Corner Atawhai Cres & State Highway 6, Nelson

Saturday Evening
A meal/social get-together at the Suburban Club
168 Tahunanui Drive, Nelson

Contact details:

Christchurch Meccano Club
Neil Pluck oelduck@xtra.co.nz

Nelson Meccano Club
John Stark jdstark@paradise.net.nz

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