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Plastic Plates

(Author: Brian)

How to flatten

Having just acquired a BK/DY set, naturally it came with deformed plastic plates!  So having tried the hot water and hot blow dryer technique to no avail, I squeezed them between two flanged plates which were screwed tightly together and popped them in the oven.  After a short while at a low setting, below 200C,  they emerged as good as new.

Nick Smith      (at 6:38pm, Tue 9th Dec, 14)

Having clamped the crinkled/bent/folded plastic plate between 2 rigid flat plates, dunking them in boiling water seems to work. It may may fade the colour of the plates so perhaps not your favourite colour flanged plates..Unpainted flat sheets are better otherwise you get impressions of the holes you don't want

barrykgerdes      (at 2:10pm, Mon 23rd May, 11)

I tried that trick but used a couple of non meccano red #52. I now have a mottled red "clear?" plasic plate.


Charles      (at 12:00pm, Fri 4th Mar, 11)

So more like 70-80 degrees C, which sounds a bit safer and less smelly! :-)

Brian      (at 11:49am, Fri 4th Mar, 11)

170F actually - sorry about that. When will the US join the rest of the world?

Charles      (at 4:55pm, Thu 3rd Mar, 11)

Good trick. I'll try that. I should imagine that well below 200C is the order of the day, surely?

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