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Acronyms and Abbreviations used here

(Author: Bob T)

A/B = Meccano parts related, Angle Bracket (usually part 12, but could refer to others)

AFAIK = As far as I know
A/G = Meccano parts related, Angle Girder (e.g. parts 7, 8, 9)
ARGH = a common utterance when trying to get something right
BA = British Association - another screw thread used by Meccano, particularly in electrical outfits, but also in early (very early) collars and worms.

Back-EMF = is most commonly used to refer to the voltage that occurs in electric motors where there is relative motion between the armature of the motor and the magnetic field from the motor's field magnets, or windings.

BYZ = Blue Yellow Zinc
BSW = British Standard Whitworth - the predominant thread used in Meccano
CVJ = Constant Velocity Joint. Though generally this describes what they are not!
DAS = Meccano parts related, Double Angle Strip (parts 46, 47, 48)

DBDY = Dark Blue Dark Yellow
DMS = Development of the Meccano System, a book (and two supplements) describing (theoretically) all Meccano parts and varieties. It was initially issued in 1972 by The Meccanomen's Club of Henley-On-Thames, and written by R. R. Hauton and A. Hindmarsh. The supplements are dated 1989 (?) and 1986. Each part and variety was assigned a number, entirely separate from the Meccano numbers. As new varieties were found, letter supplements were added, so the numbers become rather unwieldy.
DP = Diametrical pitch, which is the number of teeth per inch of pitch diameter.
EMP = Encyclopedia of Meccano Parts, multiple volumes (5 or 6?) compiled by Don Blakeborough, based on DMS; the page numbers are the Meccano part numbers.

FLT = Fork Lift Truck

FWIW = For what it's worth

GBSC = Giant Block Setting Crane
GRB = geared roller bearing
HCS = Hornby Companion Series of books published by New Cavendish on products made by Meccano Ltd can be seen here: www.binnsroad.co.uk/railways/newcav/index.html

In particular HCS Volume 6 "The Meccano system and the special purpose Meccano sets" by Bert Love and Jim Gamble is often referenced as an authoritative source of information.
HP = high pressure

IMHO = In my humble opinion

LRG = Light Red and Green (Meccano colour scheme)
LP = low pressure

MFEA = Meccano Fabrique en Angleterre Meccano Made in England; required in the 1920's by French regulations); stamping on parts.             

MIDA = Meccano Import d'Angleterre (Meccano Imported from England; perhaps an early version of MFEA?); stamping on parts.

MMIE = Meccano Made in England; stamping on parts, post World War 2
NS = Near Side; in England, the left side (the side from which you would mount a horse); can be modified by adding F or R for front or rear.

OBE = Other buggers efforts
OPM = Online Parts Museum, see the "Parts" tab at the top of the page.
OS = Off Side; the opposite of near side; can be modified by adding F or R for front or rear.
PCD = Pitch Circle Diameter
PDU = Power Drive Unit or Motor with integral 6 speed gearbox

PWM = Pulse Width Modulation see here www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/SecretsOfArduinoPWM

QRA = Quick reaction alert
SML = Super Model Leaflet, produced by Liverpool before WW2, can be found here www.nzmeccano.com/image-18209

SWMBO = She Who Must Be Obeyed

SWG = Standard Wire Gauge
UJ = Universal joint, part 140

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kbisset      (at 12:35pm, Thu 7th Dec, 17)

MMIE - Meccano Made in England; stamping on parts, post World War 2

The two below should include clarification that they are stampings on parts, too.

kbisset      (at 12:11pm, Thu 7th Dec, 17)

MFEA - Meccano Fabrique en Angleterre (Meccano Made in England; required in the 1920's by French regulations)
MIDA - Meccano Import d'Angleterre (Meccano Imported from England; perhaps an early version of MFEA?)

John      (at 11:36pm, Sun 23rd Apr, 17)

BSW https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Standard_Whitworth

Bob T      (at 5:48pm, Mon 23rd Jan, 17)

Excellent Stan
Entries much appreciated, duly added

Stan Knight      (at 11:49am, Mon 23rd Jan, 17)

Do these qualify, Bob?

GBSC = Giant Block Setting Crane
FLT = Fork Lift Truck

Bob T      (at 7:46am, Fri 6th Jan, 17)

Thanks, John I have added these to the list

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