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Welcome to the document browser!

(Author: Charles)

What's this all about?

This page allows you to create your own documents within the NZMeccano web site, for all to see, and of course to read the documents created by others!

I have no idea how many different uses there might be for this, but some of the ones that come to mind include Model plans, Hints and Tips, Opinions, Reviews, News about Meccano... there must be many other categories...

This is one of those documents, to show what can be done...

Anyone can read the documents that are created, but you must log in to create a new document or edit one you've already written. This is purely to ensure that we have some control to stop the site being abused by lunatics writing spam, or writing something that might get us into trouble for whatever reason. If you have already logged in to the "Meccano Wanted" or "Gallery" section of this website, that login will let you in here too.

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Richard      (at 8:45am, Fri 29th Mar, 19)

I can set you up on Rust Bucket but I need your email address. Contact me : richardcyclist at hotmail dot com

Bruce D      (at 2:40am, Fri 29th Mar, 19)

Another non-spammer who would like to sign on ...

Jean Lemire      (at 5:33pm, Fri 25th Jan, 19)

I would like to have some help joining the Rust Bucket Forum.

So far, I am rejected as a spammer.

I gave my E-mail in my previous message in a coded form to avoid spambots.


Richard      (at 12:21pm, Thu 24th Jan, 19)

Are you trying to join Rust Bucket Forum or the Gallery? I can help if you want to join the Rust Bucket Forum.

Kelvin lennox      (at 11:44am, Thu 24th Jan, 19)

Hi apparently I'm a spammer as well and have been denied membership how do I get registered

Jean Lemire      (at 7:22pm, Wed 23rd Jan, 19)

Your system is rejecting me as a spammer. I would like to join.
My E-mail is :
jean DOT lemire DOT 1 AT gmail DOT com
Replace DOT by . and AT by @ and also remove the extra spaces.
Thank you.

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